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20 Thoughts I Had Whilst Watching ‘Pretty Woman’

A classic nowadays, although some have expressed some concern about how it stands up with todays views, I still love it!

  1. Wow, just the opening scene is giving me real 80s throwback (just a phrase, I was definitely not around in the 80s!)
  2. Where Vivian lives there is a fluorescent ‘hotel’ sign but only the h and o are lit up. Clearly meant to show how cheap the place is but I wonder if it is supposed to be highlighting the word hoe right before we are given our first glimpse of Vivian.
  3. Why is driving a ‘stick shift’ such a big deal in America?! It’s in so many films
  4. The detective/policeman at the beginning asking questions to identify the ‘body’ found in the street is Hank Azaria aka David ‘the scientist guy’ in Friends and about half of the voices in The Simpsons!
  5. Some of the references still go over my head. Who is Carol Channing?
  6. Although I just got the AIDs reference, which I had never noticed before
  7. I love that they flipped the typical gender stereotype. Vivian likes cars and knows about cars, often seen as a ‘manly pursuit’, whereas he (Edward) knows nothing, and doesn’t seem interested.
  8. Do any hotels still have lift attendants?! I feel like that is such an unnecessary thing to have
  9. He sits and stares at her a lot, it’s kinda creepy. It’s also a bit odd that he buys champagne when he doesn’t drink
  10. I LOVE Julia Roberts big curly red 80s/90s hairstyle. I think it looks beautiful on her
  11. I want a bath that size!
  12. WTF did they order at that restaurant! Seriously, I don’t know what that first dish was but with the last one who serves a burger with a jacket potato and corn on the cob?!
  13. Although, the waiter who catches the snail is also the waiter in the state dinner in ‘The Princess Diaries’ when Anne Hathaway creates a disaster. The films were directed by the same man. Also 4 actors are in both of these films.
  14. Can Richard Gere play the piano that well in real life or is this film trickery?
  15. Who has sex on a piano, I mean seriously, who would want to. Isn’t it uncomfortable/at the wrong height/angle etc.
  16. I really need a trip to LA/Beverly Hills and need to drool over the clothes shops along Rodeo Drive
  17. ‘Big mistake, HUGE’ a classic line that I wish I had the guts to say to someone
  18. Her polo outfit is everything
  19. I also love how supportive the hotel staff are of her. Yes they don’t agree with her being there in the first place but after that they help her and I wish real life was actually like this
  20. I am always distrusting of those who are against taking days off of work/work ridiculously long hours and I think it comes from this film. Anyway, this is a great film and still leaves me happy when I watch it.

I think that this film will continue to be a classic for a lot longer and I am all for that. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts make a pretty great team, and a young Richard Gere isn’t bad on the eyes either!

*Side note: Julia Robert’s face is so weird in that kiss at the end. Once you see it you can’t un-see it so you are welcome (Y)


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